Finally, Thai with a side of compassion

As if our encounter with Restaurant #1’s amnesia wasn’t enough, we were made to feel like ants and subsequently left Restaurant #2, ravenously hungry and upset. The only thing left to do was to drive down the road to another Thai food joint we knew of.

This is a small restaurant where we’d eaten twice before. It could’ve been sheer coincidence but both times, the spiciness level of their food proved a little too much for our Americanized stomachs unaccustomed to that kind of heat.

Still, we decided to give Restaurant #3 a second chance. Boy, are we glad we did! The food tastes as good, if not better, than Restaurant #2 especially their pad thai and red curry. And that little egg roll is so good we fight for it and hate to share 😋.

Finally, Thai with a side of compassion

I asked our server (SIL of the owners/chefs) about their Thai coffee, thinking it’d nice to have a cup of hot coffee on a blistery winter’s day. But she said the coffee is served cold. So I joked that I’m too cold right now to be drinking iced coffee 😢. And guess what? She came back with this pot of hot tea, smiled and said, it’s on the house!

Finally, Thai with a side of compassion

Halleluia, doesn’t this kind of customer service just bowl you over?! like whoooosh?! In fact, this is more than customer service, it’s compassion as well. You’re cold and this nice lady brings you a pot of hot tea to warm you up. Was she Mother Teresa in her previous life or what?!

Compare this to another Thai restaurant across the globe that we used to patronize – again because of their convenient location. Their food is not cheap, neither is it the most tasty but it’s where we used to go for a quick fix of Thai food. Here, you can’t specify your preferred heat level. You just have to settle for whatever they serve you, and their super spiciness sets your tongue and throat on fire.

But here’s the thing, they do not serve water!! Their staff can clearly see you sweating and tearing but no one is going to offer you a drink of water. They expect you to order their ripoff drinks which are teeny tiny servings at sky-high prices. That is something I absolutely refused to do!

Instead, I would grab the kids and dash down to the McD’s at the other end of the mall to douse the fire with our fill of soda. So yeah, you can’t make a customer order your drinks if they don’t want to. And yes, we stopped eating there years ago. Now I will go back to Restaurant #3 any time for Thai food that comes with amazing service and a welcome side of compassion. That’s how much I value good service.

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