Look, we shrunk the customers!

Resuming our quest for decent Thai food after encountering servers with amnesia at this place and booting it off our Picky Eater List, we found a new place that serves food that’s a little too sweet but decent. We started eating there whenever we craved hot, spicy Thai food.

Look, we shrunk the customers!

One day, we got there for a late (for us) lunch. The place was packed and we were starving. The server seated us, gave us the menu and never got back to us. Oh, the servers were there, buzzing around the tables nearby but no one looked in our direction in spite of our waving.

Imagine us in the movie Honey, I shrunk the kids. Yup, we might as well have been those ant-sized kids jumping up and down, waving our hands frantically. To no avail. We were completely ignored. So we did the only thing left to do. We got up and walked out … and haven’t returned since.

For a while, this place was on our Picky Eater List. But only for a little while. Oops, there goes another one! Staying on the list is definitely wa-ay harder than getting booted off, eh! No regrets, we can always take our business elsewhere. There’s bound to be a good restaurant somewhere who values their business and repeat customers.

And we did find one. Coming to a post near you!

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