Of loyalty and amnesia

It’s no secret that any spicy food will get the go-go-go from me and my tastebuds. Recently, we were on the lookout for a great Thai restaurant to add to our Picker Eater List. When we found this place, we were rearing to go try it out. It’s a pretty popular place, the food is good but on the pricey side.

Of loyalty and amnesia

We liked it and ate there twice. That’s when I noticed one of the servers (aka the owner) looked familiar. Indeed I used to patronize his old restaurant every other weekend during my college days. As we waited for our food, I was half expecting some sign of recognition on his part. Maybe a hi, fancy seeing you again after all these years, or something like that. Nothing! despite the fact that I caught him casting side glances in our direction a few times. Clearly he recognized me but was trying to avoid eye contact.

No surprise though. There’s a Vietnamese restaurant we used to patronize very often for over 10 years while the kids were growing up. Yet each time we walked in, the same few servers would treat us like they were seeing us for the first time. They didn’t recognize us (really?), they kept messing up our orders, they couldn’t remember our preferences, and we had to keep repeating every single time. Yup, servers with amnesia!

Hmm, come to think of it, I only recall learning in business school that you should value your repeat customers like gold. I don’t recall ever learning that you should treat your repeat customers like crap and your new customers like kings. Someone should definitely rewrite those business books ‘cos here comes a weird new way of doing business!!!

Needless to say, we kicked that Vietnamese restaurant out of our Picky Eater List a long time ago. All those years, I only patronized it because it was conveniently nearby. And this Thai restaurant didn’t make it into our list either. If you “can’t recognize” a loyal customer, then it’s only fair for them to take their business somewhere else, don’t  ya think?✌

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