3-pasta week

We didn’t plan this. It just happened. This 3-pasta week, I mean. No complaints though. Pasta is quick and easy. Not to mention, more hands make light work. In fact, we cooked 2 pastas at one go. How’s that?

Here’s the story. It was a Tuesday night, a school night. And we were rushing to get to a basketball game. We had to eat dinner before leaving plus I wanted to pack the girls a swankier lunch the next day instead of the same old boring sandwiches. So we ended up cooking 2 pastas – the pesto tilapia over linguine for dinner that night, and the tuna pasta to enjoy between classes at college the next day.

Let me just say, pesto tilapia over linguine is super yummy. Well, now that we’ve successfully recreated the pesto tilapia from scratch, we can pretty much scratch the boxed version we’ve bought once or twice.


The tuna pasta is a longtime favorite of ours. It’s a recipe I created and well, it’s been a while since we ate this. Don’t let its looks fool you. Such innocent-looking fusilli and yet it’s deadly spicy!


The following night, I cooked this mac and cheese while waiting for the girls to get home from class. Apparently they’ve loved the mac and cheese I used to cook for them when they were little. How could I not know this? They’ve been reminiscing about it so I promised to cook it for them, for old times’ sake? LOL


Yes, that’s one heckuva huge pan of mac and cheese, heavily loaded with hidden goodies too! (Sidenote: I wonder how much RO restaurants would charge for a serving of this.) I’m not necessarily a fan of mac and cheese. Yet I couldn’t stop eating this. That kick*ss crunch and the light saltiness coming only from the 2 grated cheeses. Yums.

Okay, so I’m planning next week’s meal menu in my head and making my grocery list. I wonder what I’ll come up with.

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