A new word, aproncation

It’s snowing heavily in the mountains after years of drought so folks are rushing up there in droves. As for us, we planned to take a slow, leisurely road trip to the beach. But it’s been raining (on and off from that – brrr – Arctic blast back in December) and with more rain in the forecast, we figured we’re better off having a staycation instead.

Recent months have been hectic so it’s nice getting to linger in bed longer and taking my time over my coffee when the mornings are still cold and dark. Kinda like taking our polar bear challenge up one notch but without having to drag myself out of bed so early.

A staycation is great if you believe in staying home and doing nothing and hope you don’t bore yourself silly. In the city, if you’re feeling bored, you can always find entertainment at the mall by having someone ram their shopping cart into your butt, or stand over your shoulder as you desperately dig for that one last coin at the checkout line.

But in the absence of such entertainment, I started rummaging around the kitchen in search of something to do. As luck would have it, I found half a bag of cranberries left over from the cranberry sauce I made for Christmas. A light bulb comes up – wokay, let’s make another pie!

Fueled by my recent apple crumble pie success, I couldn’t wait to get started on a cranberry crumble pie this time. Since cranberries are tart and don’t have much of a texture, I decided to put a couple of Golden Delicious apples to work. And the result was this out-of-this-world Apple Cranberry Crumble Pie, the craggy cranberry filling punctuated by the crunch of diced apples.


Guess what else I found in the freezer? Yup, a bowl of leftover turkey stock and two bags of turkey bones from Thanksgiving and Christmas. I threw everything together and made a huge big pot of Turkey Noodle Soup – pure genius! It was so unbelievably good we’ll have to be content craning our necks out for a repeat performance next Christmas!


And while we’re at it, why not whip up one huge batch of pumpkin pancakes? Put me in the kitchen and I’m like a heron flying over a fish pond. The possibilities are endless. It makes me shake my head to think of my clueless college days, ‘stranded’ half a planet away from home scratching my head before every meal.

And that was our little aproncation, a new word I just invented, inspired by our bonding exercise over cooking and baking projects. Aproncation! Hmm, what a great word! I like it!


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