How I like my apple pie

Pie has been a topic of much debate since Thanksgiving when Costco was selling their scrumptious pumpkin pie like hot cakes. Everyone had at least one pumpkin pie in their shopping cart. Some folks had ten?!! Or more?!

We sampled the pie and it was delicious. One lady said it’s the best tasting pie next to homemade. But looking at the size of that pie, it would take us till next Thanksgiving (at least!) to finish eating.

We decided to bake our own pie instead. Pies are easy-peasy to make. Fine, homemade may not be as pretty as commercial. But looks aren’t everything. If an ugly pie is healthier and tastes just as good, I say – go for it!applecrumpie

Two Granny Smiths and 3 Golden Delicious later, we had an apple crumble pie coming out of the oven that we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into. This is my first time making a crumble pie and it turned out to be every bit as delicious as we had hoped.


The nice thing about homemade pie is that you can cram it to the max with filling and tailor it any way you like. Smooth and gooey with apple chunks that I can bite into, that’s how I like my apple filling and that’s exactly how I cooked mine.

The filling turned out at the perfect sweetness level too. Surprisingly the Granny Smiths weren’t as tart as I thought. I didn’t even add much sugar but instead got to enjoy the full-blown natural sweetness of 5 apples! Joy!

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