Polar bear challenge

You don’t hear me complain about the cold very often. I love winter. I love cold weather. Everyone says winters in Vancouver, Canada are very cold. I spent the winter there two years ago and the daytime temps were in the 40’s (7-10 degrees, for you Celsius people). Yes, it was cold but it was bearable. It rained a lot (hated it!), it even snowed for three days (loved it!).

Guess what? California, being this much farther south, is even colder right now than that winter in Vancouver. Ouch! The days are very sunny but you can’t feel the heat of the sun’s rays against the cold air. It’s around 40+ in the daytime but at night, temps dip down to 20+ (that’s below freezing Celsius). And it’s not your regular kind of cold either. This is the kind of biting cold that sends chills piercing into your very bones! I’m not even kidding!

What’s up with ya, California? Well, it’s not your fault! If only we hadn’t done all this stuff to make Mother Nature so bitter! So okay, instead of complaining, we three polar bears are challenging ourselves by not turning on the main heater. at all. this winter. Nope, not once! Not even at night! Talk about taking environmental friendliness to a whole new level!

To be fair, we’ve got a tiny little portable heater that gives out a piddly bit of heat against the freezing cold. Even then, our thermostat sometimes goes down to 60+ degrees – woohoo! – and we’re wearing 2 layers of clothing + socks inside the house! Yes! We can do this!!

In the mornings, it’s really hard to drag ourselves out of bed. Sometimes it takes 4 alarms going off at different times and the nagging growls of an empty stomach. Real polar bears are lucky they don’t have alarm clocks. That’s why they can sleep right through the winter. Wonder if they’re hungry all the time – like us?

Never mind that. So how do we polar bears keep warm?

For one thing, we’re doing a ton of baking. The oven warms up the house beautifully and fills it with the wonderful aroma of baking. So far, we’ve made a butter pound cake and two carrot cakes and we’ve got an apple pie, a cranberry pie and an orange cake coming up next. This is yesterday’s amazingly moist carrot almond cake. If you’re wondering where the glaze is, there’s none, it’s not my style.


Secondly, we keep our pots busy boiling lots of soup. Our one-pot wonder mu soup is dabomb packed with cabbage, carrots and chicken drumsticks.


And of course, we go all out for spicy food. This tilapia dry curry is our newfound Thai food love.


Definitely not what real polar bears would eat but only because they don’t know any better. The polar bears are making lemon chicken for dinner tonight. Anyone interested?

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