Merry Christmas 2015!

Hello, it’s Christmas Eve! Here I am, hammering out a post while my rosemary turkey is roasting merrily in the oven. I’m hungry just taking deep breaths of that amazing aroma wafting from my kitchen. On a cold, wet winter’s day, having the oven on for 3 hours straight sure warms up the house wonderfully.

We bought our turkey early this time (and we got some shrimp cocktail and artichoke dip too). Not wanting to be late trying to snag that perfect sized turkey, we went last Friday on the weekend well ahead of the last shopping weekend before Christmas.


But you know what? We shouldn’t have worried our pretty little heads. Folks are done with turkey for Thanksgiving and they’re on to prime ribs for Christmas. There was no one to fight us for that perfect sized turkey except for one man who was hovering around the turkey section for like 3 minutes and then promptly disappeared, likely to the prime rib section.

This afternoon, we had a light lunch in anticipation of our gonna-be-big dinner tonight. We polished off all the leftovers we had in the fridge to make space for the turkey dinner leftovers from our dinner later. Over lunch, we realized we didn’t have a single slice of bread in the house for our traditional turkey sandwiches tomorrow. Omg, the stores will be closing early, it’s Christmas Eve!

Hence the quick dash to the grocery store to grab 2 loaves of bread. Only a quick dash isn’t quite that when you have to pile on 3 layers of clothing and wriggle into those boots before you can head out the door. Boots are funny. While they’re not exactly flip-flops, they sure can make you do flip-flops trying to put them on.

In other news, I made cranberry sauce yesterday. In that respect, we’ve definitely moved on up!


Yup, we’ve gone from eating those gawdawful canned cranberry rolls years ago when we didn’t know any better to the cranberry sauce they sell in jars which though pretty good, are still mass produced. To us, nothing beats homemade. So Mom cooks her own cranberry sauce and it turned out to be spoon-lickin’ good, if I do say so myself. The smell, the texture (you can see the seeds and withered cranberry skin), the taste – oh man, truly out of this world!!

Oh, and one night last week, we snuck out in the freezing cold to Christmas Tree Lane where a row of homeowners have fixed up their homes with creative Christmas light displays. The slow drive from one end of the road to the other took us one whole hour. It was raining and we were in a moving vehicle and I was shooting a video and taking pictures at the same time on my cellphone. And we were too busy oohing and aahing at each display more dazzling than the last. Hence this blurry picture.


Speaking of which, here’s wishing everyone a Very Dazzling Christmas and Happy Holidays from our home to yours!

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