What’s rocking our tastebuds this week

Don’t ask me how we ended up with 4 loaves of multigrain bread but we did. Obviously there was no way we were going to get through those in one week! Hey wait, everyone loves garlic bread, right? I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t. So garlic bread it is, yes, the hip homemade version – the quickest way to move those loaves fast!


And for a weeknight dinner, I have a huge slab of salmon. If you know me, you know I go berserk over salmon. So we grilled one-third of the slab for dinner. The kiddy meal sized strips of salmon that restaurants serve are exactly that – for kids! I mean, c’mon, how’s 3 little mouthfuls gonna satiate a grown adult’s appetite?! and no way I’m going to pay the ridiculous price to order more! So homemade grilled salmon it is! You can see I’m going crazy here with this portion for 3 of us.


And for the occasional afternoon snack – tadaaa! This is like the most amazing comfort food when you step in the door from 90 degrees outside. I fell in love with Dreyers during my penny-pinching days in college, couldn’t afford it. Never had slow-churned either. Turns out this is the best thing ever. It’s half the fat, it’s silky smooth, and has a very, very mildly sweet coffee flavor. So-oo gonna grab 2 more tubs this weekend – watch me!!


Okay, so that’s it for a quick round-up of what’s rocking those picky tastebuds. Oh and not forgetting those 2lbs of crazy juicy grapefruits!


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