Do you believe your fortune cookie?

So there’s this air of mystery when that fortune cookie arrives at your table after your tummy is all happy and round, and you’re just about ready to move on to something a little different ala what my fortune holds.

Yes, that would be me. I love the little tingle of excitement that comes with snapping open a fortune cookie. I’m rubbing my hands together and going – okay, okay, let’s see what it says, come on, come on – as my clumsy fingers tug at that little strip of paper stuck to the one half.

I know. The things that get some people all excited, right? It’s crazy!!!

So finally, my fingers are ironing out that little strip of paper, wherein lies my fortune, my expectant eyes squinting to make out that tiny red (well, it used to be red) print, and… and it says…

You will always be surrounded by true friends.

I’m like, WOW!

I lean back and begin to pick apart ponder this powerful statement.

True friends.

True friends?? *inserts cynical laugh* Always??

Umm, let me see, I’m trying to count here. In my books rolodex, true friends are something of pterodactyls, so to imagine myself being surrounded by them always is kinda… stretching it. But hey, maybe things are looking up and true friends will come a-flocking, eh, Mr Fortune Cookie!?!

And with that, here’s my million dollar question for you. Do you believe your fortune cookie? Do you believe what it tells you? Has your fortune cookie ever predicted something that actually came true?

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