The unwilling courier

So it looks like we have another episode of someone we’ve never even met aka friend of a friend of a friend asking us to buy and bring stuff back for them from our travels. On a good day and if they’re a treasured friend, I might make it an exception and say yes. But look, if I don’t know this person from Adam, or Eve in this case, forget it! I’m a nice person but no! And you know why? Because if the situation were reversed, I wouldn’t even think to impose on someone’s time and luggage space to shop for my stuff and cart it halfway across the world. That would be entirely too selfish and tactless of me.

But as society goes around here, we’ve encountered numerous episodes of such people who sadly only think of themselves, have no manners, and/or are completely unappreciative. Once we bought a tube of beauty cream for some woman who then told us it was the wrong cream. She didn’t want it and conveniently ‘forgot’ to pay us back. There goes our $70 + like it’s our fault??!! It’s a risk you take by asking a complete stranger to do your shopping. And if it’s the wrong item, she should quietly suck it up and pay up. But no, not this woman! So that’s what you get from doing someone a favor.

In the current episode though, maybe I should excuse this person. She wants us to buy her a supply of immortality pills!! I had no idea immortality pills existed. Did you? Hmmm, but I think I can understand! I mean, who doesn’t want to live forever, eh? So yeah! She may not have met us before even but that sure ain’t gonna stop her from getting her hands on those ‘never say die’ pills, right?!!!

At this point, I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. First off, do I look like Fedex to you?, and second, pills that let you live forev…?!!! Wait, let’s back this up a second here. Now if I throw my calculator into my Business degree, I’m going to say, heck, I’ll toss out my suitcases, fork out any amount of excess baggage fees, and play courier. I mean, it’s immortality we’re talking about here!! Hohoho, at this rate, I might even be buying over Fedex next!

But seriously, Ms Immortal Wannabe, I suggest you order your pills online and wait for them to be shipped to you. It might cost a bit more and take a bit longer but then, as I understand it, time is on your side and you sure can afford to wait forever. Right? 😉

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