Cinful, if that’s even a word

When we returned from our vacation to the Bay Area, Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard was pretty much empty so we made a quick trip to the grocery store and … yes, bagels are back in our lives! And they were on sale too. I grabbed two bags of 6 bagels each for only $6. So glad I did because the minute I opened the package, I knew they were going to be good.

I don’t have a toaster so I stuck them in the oven and pretty soon, the kitchen was smelling of cinnamon. Reminds me of how much I’ve missed these babies. Slap on a ton of butter and it’s heaven!!


And to round things off our ‘light’ lunch, we had Klondike bars. In college, I was fascinated by that polar bear in the Klondike ad on TV (anyone remember him?). Don’t ask me why. I just thought he was adorable.


But never having been much of a dessert fan, I didn’t buy any to try back then. Now yee-ears later, I’m finally getting to taste a Klondike bar. All it is is a slab of chocolate-coated ice cream but looking at its size, it’s obvious this is way too big to be your regular ice-cream on a stick.


It looks so perfect I couldn’t bring myself to bite into it. But when I did, that thin crisp chocolate coating snapped with a click into a big burst of vanilla… well, you can imagine!!


And I’d say, it tastes pretty close to heaven, if you like your dessert sinfully sweet. I like it but it’s too sweet for me. I would still eat them but it’ll probably take us a while to get through that 6-pack. By the way, this was so big it took the 3 of us to finish just this one slab!!