And the three little pigs…

… stayed home all new year weekend! Except for a quick zip to Round Table Pizza for another round of… this time, it was a the large Hawaiian pizza. 12 slices divided by 3 hungry people = 4 slices each. I think we did good. We only had 3 slices left over to take home for tea!


Our first lunch of the year was grilled cheese sandwiches. Vegetarian and homemade too, I might add. No, I didn’t take any pictures. Too hungry and excited is my only excuse.

For dinner, we had party wings. Yeah, they’re organic chicken wings though you’ve probably rarely heard me use the word ‘organic’ on this blog. Well, organic is not something I do blindly just because it’s trendy. It depends on how convinced I am that organic is really organic because as you know, there are so many factors that go into qualifying a product as organic and I’d hate to be ripped off paying more for something that’s maybe not truly organic, know what I mean? 😉

Regardless, these homemade party wings were finger-lickin’ good – even the Colonel would’ve been proud, I’m sure!


While we were in a celebratory mood, I decided to use up the few scallops left from the big bag we snagged at Costco over Christmas and transformed them into this. Dare I imagine how much this dish would cost us at an rip-off upscale Chinese restaurant?


Nothing like staying warm indoors on a cold winter night. Pigging out with loved ones is an added bonus, of course. Cheers!

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