Boxing Day find

By the time Boxing Day rolled around yesterday, we were practically suffering from cabin fever. Seems many folks were out bargain hunting, which is something we love, so we were quite happy to join in, even though we really didn’t have anything to buy. That’s the thing with shopaholics. You don’t always have something to buy but you will always end up buying something 😀 .

But before shopping, we needed to find a lunch place. We wanted to try out a sashimi place, it was closed. So we decided on a teriyaki place instead, it was closed. And we were now one block from McD’s back the way we came. So just circled around till we found something.

To be honest, we stumbled into Round Table Pizza expecting nothing more than just your regular pizza. After all, a pizza is a pizza is a pizza, right? Well, not quite. We ordered the medium which came with 8 slices and generous toppings.


It looked like a regular pizza but the crust was what made it special. It’s crispy, more like a puff pastry, and we’re like, where have you been all my life? For me especially, what throws me off pizza is the thick bread-like crust. It’s tasteless and bone dry. But this! this is something else!


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