Christmas at home

Hello Christmas morning! I’m up at 7:30 in the morning and it’s 39* out. The sun is stirring from his slumber. I can see him through the bare trees. And I’m standing in the hallway shivering in my jammies. Bah humbug! Time to turn on the heater.

Just two days ago, on the eve of Christmas eve, to be exact, I had rejoiced in shrugging off my hoodie at the Target parking lot in the 77* sunshine. That’s 77 on the second day of winter! Unbelieveable. Yesterday was a sunny 66 and today, whoa, we’re down to 56!

But enough about the weather. We were full of plans last night. We had planned to drive out to Christmas Tree Lane to see the lights after dinner. Christmas here is more about family and celebrating at home with loved ones. A far (literally!) cry from the commercialized Christmases we’re used to seeing in the city. Happy we don’t have to contend with the crazy crowds, and ripoff restaurant prices.

Anyhoo, by the time darkness fell at 5pm, we had changed our minds about Christmas Tree Lane and decided to stay home instead, declaring we would stay up late to usher in Christmas day, not that we had to but we thought it might be fun… and we almost made it too. With only a half hour till the stroke of midnight, the sleeping beauties were, well, fast asleep. So much for Christmasy plans!

So here we are chilling on Christmas day after spending 2 hours in the kitchen making lunch, and washing the car together. How’s that for family time? I bet our car is even happier now that it’s all shiny and spanking new again. 😀

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