Glam rice congee

Many of my weekend mornings are spent poring over a slow fire lovingly brewing a big pot of congee. The weather has cooled down quite dramatically over the past couple of weeks. On the first day of December, I remember marveling at how we were still hitting daytime highs in the 70s with such sunny days I could still go out in only a long-sleeved tee. Since then, temps have dropped to the 50s and 60s with alternating days of rain, overcast skies, gusty winds and sunshine. Beautiful weather but cooler.

On days like these, a bowl of piping hot rice congee is comfort food indeed. For me, this winter congee is a nostalgic reminder of my good old college days when my roomie would be up at the crack of dawn on a weekend, no less, prepping and brewing a pot of this. It’s wonderful waking up to the aroma of a meal you don’t have to cook yourself. I’m not even kidding 😀 .

Ever since I first started cooking this a few months ago, I’ve had a few special requests for it. I usually make a big enough pot for lunch and dinner. While my college roomie’s version consisted of only salted egg, century egg and ground pork, which was very tasty in itself, I’ve glamorized mine with my very own homemade salted eggs (I know, I can’t believe it myself), ground pork, carrots, goji berries, and sesame oil.


Topped with spring onions, cilantro, seaweed and fermented bean curd, this is the best thing ever. I know fermented sounds scary but these are just little square blocks of soft bean curd suspended in a salty, spicy sauce. The reason why they’re in little squares is because you can’t eat a lot of this. It’s very salty but since I don’t salt my congee, this is what adds flavor for us.


Enjoying a bowl of this luscious congee is perfect on a lazy weekend. We can take our time to talk and laugh between spoonfuls. Aah, what a luxury!


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