The story of 3 pumpkin rolls

There’s something about the heady aroma of pumpkin and cinnamon that drives a normally sane person into a frenzy. As soon as the aroma hits your olfactory senses, it sets off your internal GPS that directs your brain to stop thinking and follow that scent. That trail took us to a guy handing out pumpkin roll samples.

One bite and our tastebuds were laughing. Those pumpkin rolls were out of this world. Man, if you could smell these!

pumpkin rolls

But wait, the pumpkin rolls came in boxes of three. As you know, we’re not really into sweet desserts. While these pumpkin rolls knocked our socks off, I just couldn’t see us buying 3 at one go. How on earth were we ever going to eat them all? We went into a full 10-minute huddle, plenty of going back and forth.

It’s really yummy!!

I know! But three rolls??!!

I don’t like it and I’m not going to eat any of it (Hip2bDaughter1 declared, turning up her nose) so you and Mom will have to eat them all.

Yikes! Do you think we can finish them all?

Yes, yes.

Yeah right! Look at all that cream! We don’t even like the cream.

Yeah but it tastes so good… (taking in deep cinnamon breaths)

You sure you can eat 3 rolls?

Of course.

Um, I don’t know. Can we?

Should we buy it?


Are you crazy?!

Well, you get the picture. In our family, buying 3 pumpkin rolls is like buying a 3-storey building in the Gobi desert. Major decision!

Long story short, I bit the bullet and said, okay, let’s do this. Tis the season and if we get high on pumpkin and cinnamon, so what?!!

And here we go. First things first, what we always do to our cakes – scrape the cream off the top. It’s an old habit of mine that I seem to have passed on to my kids 😀 .

cream scraped off

Next, set reminders on our phones – Eat pumpkin roll. Hip2bDaughter2 and I had pumpkin rolls every day for 2 weeks. I even had them for lunch. I love pumpkin rolls but I swear I won’t be able to look at another pumpkin roll for a long, long while *shudder*.

two slices

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