Autumn’s the word

Autumn is Mother Nature sitting outside at her easel painting the trees in brilliant colors. It’s so amazing to see the leaves on the trees slowly changing from green to all different shades of yellow, orange and red. I confess I haven’t used the word autumn in a long while. Now somehow the word fall doesn’t seem to do enough justice to colors like these.

Colors of fall

Sometimes you don’t always notice the change. One day, I turned a corner on a frequently traveled road and woah, suddenly there’s this huge tree in the most brilliant red standing in the afternoon sun right in front of me. I never noticed it before when it was just another tree with green leaves. But there she was, in a row with many others like her, creating a truly breathtaking sight!

Colors of fall

As we head into winter, many of the trees are shedding their leaves and many are already bare. Today, just as I turned into a parking spot and stopped the car, we heard what sounded like the patter of heavy rain on the roof. Turned out a strong gust of wind was sending a flurry of red and yellow leaves raining down on our car. It was wondrous to hear and watch.

Falling leaves

Autumn has been a little laid back this year, taking her time with things. While the days have definitely cooled down, some days, it feels like summer all over again. Maybe Autumn’s too busy playing with her new makeup palette. Or maybe she just wants to show us she can be hot too 😉 !!

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