Turkey days

Woah, is the long weekend over already? Is it December already? And on the first day of December, we have loads of sunshine!! Yup, that’s California for you. It’s 70* outside, sunny but cool as we head into winter. Amazing as is the fall foliage. I have to put up some pictures of the fall colors.

So how was our Thanksgiving? Our roast turkey turned out fabulous, crispy skin and all. We’re thankful we didn’t have to go hunting for a turkey like we’ve been doing the past few years. This was the feast we prepared for the 10 of us. I’m kidding, of course, there’s just the 3 of us.


We stayed in all day Thanksgiving (since most stores were closed anyways) fussing over our turkey and preparing the sides which included stuffing, mashed potatoes, salad, brown gravy and cranberry sauce. We’ve been eating turkey leftovers ever since, hahaha… a-and I still have a whole leg of turkey ham sitting in my fridge so I foresee there’ll be more turkey days on the horizon for us.


We were excited about the Black Friday sales and we’d had a shopping list going days ahead. Dare we go out shopping? Well, the answer is no. Too much of a hassle piling on layers of clothes to get out there with the crowd since we really didn’t have much to buy.

Didn’t have much to buy? That list had been growing steadily but these shopaholics were definitely staying home to shop. In their pajamas. And that’s exactly what we did. So yes, we have been busy… with the holidays and a million other things, not even kidding. Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving and long weekend.

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