Happy Thanksgiving!

So here we are, on one heckuva sunny Thanksgiving day. The weatherman says it’s 70 degrees but I’m more inclined to go with 80 seeing as the sun is streaming in through every window and brightening up the whole house. I know, I can’t believe how excited I am about the sun either. That’s so not me but when the air is cool outside, I don’t mind the sun so much.

On to the turkey. While everyone else was picking out the biggest turkeys (one person bought 6 turkeys!!), we chose the smallest one there was, and it’s this 11-pounder…


… set to work marinating it overnight…


… and now it’s turning an amazing golden brown in the oven while we’re sitting here breathing in that heavenly aroma *drools*. I’ve left a window open to torture the neighbors 😉 ! I don’t think that’s going to work though as I’m sure everyone is roasting a turkey today.


In the tradition of giving thanks, I’m going to say I’m thankful for everyone who reads and comments on this blog. I am also thankful to the person who created online shopping (whoever you are) which allows me to shop till I drop in the comfort of my living room (hi ho, Silver!) instead of physically getting out there to do battle on Black Friday.

Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving, everyone! Smile, hug and appreciate. And be safe on the road! If you’re getting ready to hit the stores tonight or tomorrow, may the trunk of your car/truck be filled with the best buys of the season! 😀

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