The grocery haul

Our Sunday got off to a slow start. It’s hard to drag myself out of bed now that the mornings are colder. With daylight savings though, it gets light earlier and when the sun streaks in through the windows, you know it’s time to get up.

We got to Costco 2 minutes before they opened and already there was a crowd waiting. Parking near the entrance is what we aim for and we did get a fairly good spot! Inside, the Christmas displays are out. Santas and snowmen peeking at us from every corner. Feels so festive already.


We took our time to shop which, for us, is a nice change from having to contend with crowds who think nothing of bodily contact (eww!) and cutting lines. So this is nice. After an hour and a half, this is what our cart looked like.


Let’s see what we got here – a box of almond milk, raisins, dates, sliced almonds, 12 grain bread and a huge jar of raspberry mango jam which we sampled. When the promoter told me it’s not only a jam, you can use it as a topping, in a smoothie or even freeze it to make ice cream, I immediately snagged a jar. Cool!

I bought a ton of fruits – a crate of navel oranges, grapes, and the strawberries and blackberries were on sale at only $4.99, how could I resist? So happy especially seeing as oranges are in season. We went through many crates of them in Vancouver. They’re juicy and sweet. So good.

I also got a pack of party chicken wings (which should be fun for making buffalo wings), a huge slab of salmon, a box of frozen crusted tilapia, a bag of frozen cooked shrimp (which I always have in the freezer just in case), and a 2 lb bag of asparagus.

That should do it, says the chronic bulk shopper with a satisfied grin on her face. Now if the Apocalypse hits us tomorrow, we’ll still have food a-plenty to eat while we sit it out 😉 .

Next, on to Baja Fresh for lunch. You know I love Mex food and this is my favorite place to get my fill. We had the shrimp and steak burrito, and the grilled chile lime shrimp salad. No regrets. So good.


After lunch, it was time to hit two more grocery stores for the remaining items on my grocery list. Between hanging out and getting the laundry done, it was time for dimsum dinner at our regular Chinese fast food place. A laid-back Sunday doesn’t get any more exciting than this (am I contradicting myself?). So how did your weekend go?

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