Lazy day meals

On the weekends that we volunteer for community service, our days start out early. We’re out the door when most folks are just rubbing the sleep from their eyes. We get home around mid-morning and between cleaning house and getting the laundry going, we’d really rather not have to spend hours in the kitchen.

We basically do our lazy day meals, the kind that we can throw together in no time. Here’s lunch for the three of us which looks like a lot but believe me, we licked the platter clean.

weekend lunch

We had pan-fried Korean potstickers dipped in killer habanero sauce which is so spicy it makes you cry. The ready-to-eat shrimp scampi which we got from Costco is so so good. The shrimps are crunchy and the dressing not overly salty. Totally addictive.

weekend lunch

Our salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, celery, mandarins and chia seed with some of that lovely shrimp scampi thrown in for good measure.

weekend lunch

Dinner was equally simple consisting of potatoes, frozen beer battered cod which goes straight into the oven with no defrosting required, and more of that scrumptious salad sans shrimp since we finished it all up at lunch time.

weekend dinner

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