Look, ma, no carbs

Trust us to waste no time in sniffing out a fabulous Korean buffet restaurant. How could we not know? The ad was calling out to us from the side of a public bus several times a day. All you can eat? We’re in!! We’ve been there 3 times already and still haven’t gotten tired of it yet. We were there again last Thursday with something to celebrate, Hip2bDaughter1 getting her drivers’ license, w00t w00t! She passed both her written and driving test with full marks. Can’t think of a better reason to celebrate!

So you walk into this place and wait like 3 minutes while they prepare your table and get you started off with pancake, a huge salad (not in picture) and 6 banchan (side dishes) – 3 types of kimchi: napa cabbage, radish, and cucumber (all of which I absolutely love!), and glass noodles, kongnamul (beansprouts, my favorite) and potato salad (which we barely ate). Btw, that’s me feasting my eyes on those amazing side dishes.


The buffet menu gives you lots to choose from for. You can order as much and as many times as you like for $13 per head but they do have a penalty for over-ordering and wasting food. I like that! You might’ve read my views about wasting food.

For us, this mushroom tofu soup is a must. It comes piping hot in a clay pot and its spicy gingery taste is pure heaven now that the weather is finally cooling down. a little. And as usual, we ordered lettuce wraps but not rice (to the surprise of our server who asked us several times, “you sure?”).


There’s a long list of meats to choose from. Our favorites are samgyeopsal, spicy chicken, and bulgogi which we tried this time and it didn’t disappoint. So tender and flavorful. As usual, we did multiple rounds of meat. It’s fun doing your own grilling and cutting. At some places, you just sit and watch them grill it for you which isn’t half as fun. Here after each round, the server comes to change out the grill so you get a fresh clean grill to start your next round of grilling. Brilliant!


And you grill and you eat and they refill your side dishes, and you order some more and you grill, and they refill your side dishes and… omg, it’s all one crazy circle of tasty over-indulgence. Can’t wait to go again.


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  • Leslie

    Congratulations Hip2BDaughter1! That is exciting & not missing an answer, you go girl! That food! Everything looks amazing.. Which reminds me, I forgot to cook dinner! Happy Monday!