Foot-tapping, jaw-inspiring time

Whoa, it’s been quite the week. First off, we got all dressed up for an evening at a symphonic band performance. A few years ago, we went to the Philharmonic and the girls enjoyed it, a lot more than I expected which was really a nice surprise. I almost feared my kids wouldn’t have a single cultured bone in them but I was wrong.

When the girls found out about this performance, Hip2bDaughter2 quickly booked tickets. The performance featured mostly wind instruments and they played some really catchy pieces that had us tapping our feet. We had a great time.


In other news, I discovered honeycrisp apples last week and they’re delicious. It’s apple season now and my eyes are going bezonkers with the variety I’m seeing. I bought Fujis the week before, honeycrisp last week, who knows what I’ll try this week. The honeycrisp, mildly sweet with a super sharp crunch, was developed by the University of Minnesota. Just thought I’d throw it in there.


I roasted a big batch of Korean barbecue chicken drumsticks for the girls to distribute to their friends who live in the dorms. We all know what dining hall food tastes like so I thought they would enjoy some homecooking. Here you can see I’ve simply thrown the chicken drumsticks in ziplock bags… and sent them on their way. Clearly I’m not about fancy wrapping.


And for a quick lunch, I steamed these Korean vegetable potstickers instead of pan frying them, that is. This steamer is new to me. I never knew such a contraption existed but it’s pretty neat. It opens like a flower (which took me a while to figure out until Hip2bDaughter1 jumped in and showed me how) and fits nicely into my biggest pot. How cool is that! I made a dip concocted from fiery habanero sauce, garlic and soy sauce. So good.


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