How ice cream is meant to be eaten

All set to dig into 2 new flavors of ice cream we bought at the farmer’s market. Java Jolt and Raspberry Cheesecake, the way ice cream is meant to be eaten…


… topped with a mountain of fresh fruit.


I don’t indulge in desserts too often. I know desserts are meant to be sweet but there’s a huge difference between sweet and diabetic, know what I mean?

Looks like I may just have found the perfect ice cream though – not too sweet, not too milky. These 2 flavors are dabomb especially the Java Jolt. Which reminds me, I’ve still got half a tub sitting in my freezer that I’ve forgotten to eat 😆 .

The occasional ice cream is such a treat though considering how we’re having a second round of summer here in California. We had exactly 2 days of cloudy coolness but the temps have since shot back up to the 90’s, gah! Where’s my ice cream?

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