The breakfast

Saturday, we decided… heck, forget the budget, forget the calories, let’s blow 20 of our hard-earned bucks on this reasonably-priced breakfast that everyone and their poodle is raving about. The place was packed. Not to worry though, they have an all-day breakfast.

A choice of exotic ham, sausages or smoked bacon… we picked bacon. The egg came… with a buttery whiff, for free. Hash brown, sauteed mushrooms and spinach? Nah, spinach is too healthy. How about baked beans instead?


Out of all the fresh fruit juices on the wall, we chose to have a combo orange and apple juice, supersize please. A regular orange juice would’ve set us back 9 bucks. Can you imagine how much this supersize cost us? Don’t even blink!!


We were not disappointed. Best breakfast ever.

Laughs. Out. Super. Loud.

Name of restaurant: Hip to be Mom’s Kitchen, California

Wait time for order to arrive at table inclusive of cooking time: 25 minutes

Aww, but we miss that hydrogenated fat. And this costs a fraction of the price our friends pay to be served a breakfast like this. Man, how can we face them tomorrow? 😉


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