Clouds and hanging out

Okay, so fall is finally showing up. It was 95 on Thursday and the next day, we were in the 80’s. An unusual cloud formation was hanging in the morning sky and it was a wonderful 60+ degrees outside. Folks obviously have been waiting for this and were busting out their full winter gear. He-llo? This is California, we don’t let a few clouds get to us eh 😉 so I stuck with my tank top and shorts. It wasn’t too bad, just a bit chilly but nowhere near boot, scarf and jacket weather. Today we’re back to clear skies and searing sunshine.


In other news, we hit the adventure trail at Trader Joe’s. So excited. They’ve got tons of whacky, exotic stuff and I’m so in love with their fun packaging. Okay, so here’s our stash – goat cheese, and 4-cheese ravioli (both yums), Bavarian bratwurst, and smoked apple chardonnay chicken sausages (both yums also), hash browns, habanero sauce (super spicy that but a bit too sour for me!), and a frozen pumpkin cheesecake (that we’re savoring slice by slice, so good).


We stopped by Barnes and Noble, bookworm haunt #2. The girls are blown away by the massive, ultra-modern library on campus which boasts millions of books, so that’s #1 on their list of places to hang out between classes. But yeah, we like Barnes too. Was flipping through this book while I was there.


So that was our week/weekend. Been cooking a lot (warning, more food posts on the way). How was your weekend?

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