Weekend dimsum date

Dimsum is a rare find in these here parts so yeah, we’re beyond thrilled that we’ve stumbled upon an unassuming neighborhood restaurant that serves authentic Hong Kong dimsum on weekends. We’ve been camping out there practically every weekend since then. Not even kiddin’!

Their century egg congee is something not to be missed. My college roomie used to wake up early Saturday mornings to brew a pot of this delicious porridge. What I love about this restaurant’s version is its plain, unsalted taste which brings out the subtle flavor of the century egg, minced pork and ginger combination. A single order comes in a bowl big enough for the 3 of us to share.

We were expecting the usual soft and oily Chinese crullers when we ordered this but apparently the Hong Kong version is crispy crunchy without being oily. So good.


A dimsum meal is not complete without these two types of steamed dumplings, siew mai and ha gao. These dumplings are big and more meaty than the ones we usually get. For me, the winning point is that they come in clean baskets. In the 3W, they almost always come in filthy, unhygienic baskets which should’ve been trashed a long time ago.


Of course, we have to have stuffed eggplant. The portion is 3 times the size we usually get and is full of flavor.


We tried the steamed pork ribs which I’m not a fan of to begin with. The girls seemed to like it though.


Well, looks like the weekend’s coming up. You know where we’ll be 😉 .

What’s on your weekend eat-out agenda? If you’re having dimsum, let me know. If you’ve never tried dimsum, I strongly suggest you do. It’s a food adventure you’ll love.

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