Excitement in the kitchen

The week seems to have slipped by much too quickly, I might add, and it looks I’m behind in my posting again. I blame it on the arrival of my eagerly-awaited Tramontina Gourmet 8-piece cookware set, which we ordered online.

It’s amazing the amount of homework that goes into my purchases these days. The internet’s made it impossible for me to just walk into a store and buy something. Now I find myself ploughing through hours of reviews before making a decision on “which one” to buy. It used to be much easier than this. Not that I’m complaining. I’m thankful for being able to make more informed decisions now.

So the pots and pans finally arrived and I was excited to start dishing out homecooked meals again. All those weeks of eating out weren’t doing our waistlines any good. There comes a time when you yearn for a good homecooked meal in your cozy little dining room.

So here goes our first homecooked dinner in a while. Chicken wings, stirfried eggplant and messy omelet over rice.


My omelets are always messy, my chicken wings are always dabomb and that eggplant is a new love. I used 15 of the 30-pack chicken wings I bought from Costco, coated them in Korean BBQ sauce and roasted them in 2 batches in my spanking new Pyrex trays and they were finger-lickin’ good.

Oh, I chanced upon this 20-piece Pyrex bake and store set that was on sale at only $19.99 (normal price is $49.99). They were flying off the shelves so without batting an eyelid, I snagged a set! I’d be crazy to miss such a good deal. Seriously!

And my red Corelle dinnerware set is also new. The design and color matches the separate pieces I’d acquired four years ago. I was thrilled so that was pretty much a no-brainer. So now with so many new toys in my kitchen, we’re off to cooking dinner every night… well, almost.

And here we have another night’s dinner. My homemade barbecued pork belly (and a leftover Korean BBQ chicken wing), okra stirfry, and stirfried green bell peppers with fresh button mushrooms and ground pork.


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