The weekend that was

Now that was one lazy weekend. We slept in on both days, a rare luxury as we’ve been so busy lately trying to stretch these already long summer days by getting an early start. Up at 9 and enjoying an unhurried breakfast of coffee and mini wheats at home.


The previous weekend, we’d visited a farmer’s market where we bought a jar of delicious but expensive homemade apricot jam. The box of raisins is from another farmer’s market.


Saturday, we decided to go back to the farmers’ market where we bought the jam. That rustic feel of roaming among a dozen or so stalls of farmers selling their fresh, recently harvested produce and folk music playing in the background is somewhat new and exciting to a true blue city girl whose never even seen a live chicken before 😉 . This time, we bought an eggplant, okra, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and a quart of freshly squeezed orange juice (so yummy!).

Sunday was a sizzler. 102 degrees, to be exact. We were contemplating staying indoors all day – to avoid the heat, plus we desperately needed to sort out the packages that have been trickling in from our online purchases. It was good we got most of the stuff put away. I hate the sight of boxes laying about (don’t you?).

As we were throwing the bed linen into the laundry later, we decided, what the heck, we’ll just go to our newly-discovered Chinese fast food for their delicious Hong Kong dimsum. We like going there because we can always get a parking spot and table no matter what time we show up. And I think this goes for just about every restaurant around here 🙂 .

We spent the rest of our Sunday pottering around the house. It’s nice. Different from the city rush. And in the evening, we cooked our first meal at home. Our new set of cookware has finally arrived and we have pots and pans to cook with again. Strange feeling 😆 . Eating out is fun and all, but did you know you can actually get bored from eating out too often?

I’ll have posts of our dimsum lunch, and homecooked dinner up next. So stick around.

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