Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 150

Everyday Ruralty
1. Do you ever watch old TV shows or movies from your childhood or youth?

I don’t watch TV.

2. Have you ever adopted a rescued animal?


3. Are you good at keeping track of paperwork and records?

The beginnings are usually good and then I tend to slack off. Would appreciate any tips on how to stay on track.

4. What would you like the Magic Wendell Fairy to poof with his wand, and turn into a treat for you? Any snack or sweet you would like? It doesn’t have to do with carrots, or HE’D eat it!

A nice cold drink (non-alcoholic please) would be nice. The weather is nasty hot here.

5. Tell me something interesting- please.

My girl friend will be here in 20 seconds to pick me up. I’m off. Have a great week.

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