Korean food story, the twice bitten episode

Remember when we came down with a bout of mild food poisoning (read it here if you missed that post) after eating at K-restaurant #1. Well, it looks like we learned nothing from that episode. When our K-friend suggested we try K-restaurant #2 (belonging to the wife of K-restaurant #1), we happily went along and ended up prolonging those tummy upsets.

K-friend ordered the biggest set on the menu for the 7 of us. For him, beef bulgogi is a must, it seems. Interesting that it came on a plate with a moat for the sauce.


We all love the salad. I’m not sure what the dressing is but it tastes really good. I could eat this non-stop 😳 .


The sundubu-jjigae (soft tofu stew) was hot and spicy and I was surprised to find clams hiding at the bottom of the bowl.


As usual, there was no shortage of banchan (side dishes) to pick at. This time though, I didn’t touch the kimchi. I know I said that I would try one piece at every Korean meal I eat. I lied. The sour taste is quite off-putting to me. I hear there are countless kinds of kimchi. I’m just going to have to find one with a taste I like.


My first taste of bibimbap (mixed fried rice) was… well, I can’t say I like it. I prefer my fried rice firm, not soft. Do you like bibimbap?


This samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) was dabomb. I love ginseng anything and although this soup wasn’t as flavorful as homemade, it was still pretty good. Everything in it was melt-in-the-mouth, and our K-friend even suggested we chew and swallow the chicken bones as well. Um, no, I did not hear that 😀 .


I loved this slightly sweetish pajeon (scallion pancake) dotted with tiny shrimps on top. So so good especially with the dipping sauce.


It was a lot of food, even for 7 hungry adults. The long table was over-run with plates and bowls. Clearly K-friend had over-ordered. I don’t like over-eating but I hate wasting food even more but there wasn’t much of a choice. We stuffed ourselves silly. Now imagine 7 of us rolling out of the restaurant, literally.

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