Binge-ing on favorites

Let’s just say we took full advantage of the World Cup fever and the fact that while folks were home catching up on lost sleep, they left the city quiet and made driving and mall parking a breeze for the rest of us. The World Cup should be on every year, seriously! These weeks have been pure bliss 😆 .

For us, the past few weeks have been spent on catching up on our favorite international food. I’ve always considered myself a bit of an international person who enjoys learning new languages, and about other cultures, and of course, shopping and eating wherever my travels take me.

Of late, we’ve been enjoying our favorite Indian breakfast of roti canai (Indian-style soft tortilla) eaten with chicken masala, and a fiery chutney extinguished with glasses of thick iced coffee.

banana leaf breakfast

I’m also on a noodle craze. Love the intense smokiness of this Vietnamese braised seafood yee meen (a kind of Chinese flat noodle). I’ve eaten this many times but it has never been quite this flavorful. I’m guessing they have a brilliant new chef.


We tried out two more new Korean restaurants – those stories coming to a blog post near you, wait for it. If you missed my first two Korean food stories, check out the third time’s the charm episode here and the queasy tummy episode here.

The fun of eating out aside, sometimes the simplest lunch at home beats anything you can get at the restaurant, wouldn’t you agree? A bowl of sweet bean soup, and crispy seaweed for dessert is a nice change for me. Refreshing much!


Your turn now. Do you enjoy trying food from other countries and cultures? What are some of your favorites? Which ones make you go, ‘once is enough’?

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