Korean food story, the queasy tummy episode

As it turned out, we had a second round of Korean food. We’d been talking endlessly about that droolworthy samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) we had a month ago with our Korean friend. Since he was too busy to join us, he recommended another Korean restaurant that he frequents.


As usual, the table was covered with an abundance of banchan (side dishes). I ate my mandatory slice of kimchi and that was all I could manage. I wish I could say I swallowed it with relish but it’s still madeopsuyo to me and I had to wash it down with a huge gulp of plain water *shivers*.

The beef bulgogi was really nice though a little too fatty for my liking. But it’s not like we eat this every day, right? so I’m not going to worry too much about it.


So pretty is the bed of fresh lettuce…


Here goes my first bulgogi lettuce wrap with a dab of gochujang (chili paste), a slice of raw garlic and green chili, and a generous sliver of onion. All wrapped up tightly to be stuffed into one mouthful ala Korean-style. I keep my wraps small and not overload them with too much meat so I won’t disgrace myself by looking like a greedy hippo, huhu!


The samgyeopsal came next and everyone made a dive for it… and the platter was licked clean before this greedy photog had a chance to snap a picture but trust me, it was scrumptious. So no picture of the samgyeopsal but here’s one of the dakgogi (grilled chicken).


And here’s my dakgogi lettuce wrap with raw garlic, onion and green chili, and sigeumchi (spinach). We love everything about these simple yet flavorful lettuce wraps. You can eat a ton of it without over-stuffing yourself.


The lunch was awesome. What we don’t like about this restaurant are the flies. There weren’t a lot of them. They have huge fans blowing over our heads to keep the flies at bay. But if you know me, you know I absolutely will not tolerate flies. For such a pricy restaurant, they should really do something about the flies.

After this meal, we all experienced tummy upsets. That’s why we’re always very careful not to jump straight into “outside” food when returning from overseas. We kinda have to ease gradually into dirty eating to allow our ‘clean’ stomachs time to get reconditioned.

Anyhoo, tummy upsets aside, we remain undeterred. Our search for great Korean food goes on…