Not what meats the eye

After all those sushi and fish and chips meals in Vancouver, we’ve made the switch to eating more vegetarian meals than we ever have. While my kids have grown up on a vegetarian day every fortnight, they’ve never really liked vegetarian food and I’ve had to come up with stuff like vegetarian spaghetti, roast vegetables, etc to suit their picky palette.

Suddenly, they’re the ones reminding me that it’s the first and fifteenth days of the lunar month (which are the vegetarian days we observe every fortnight). In case you’re wondering, it’s a Buddhist tradition that our family has observed since I was born, and I’ve kept it up with my own kids.

Many vegetarian dishes mimic meat dishes but are made with soy-based products instead. This vegetarian curry is one of our favorites. Don’t be deceived by the “meat”. It only looks real.


This yam roll is so yummy it’s almost a must-have at our table on veggie days.


When I was a kid, soybean sprouts were a regular part of our family meals. I hated it and would balk at it. When I first set eyes on this dish at our regular vegetarian takeout, memories of those childhood meals rushed to mind. It’s been ages since I ate those, I told my kids, I got to have some (for old times’ sake)!


What a good decision that was! One mouthful of these gorgeous bean sprouts and I was in heaven. I wonder why I never liked them when I was a kid. I love them now. They’re the best thing ever!!

Do you enjoy vegetarian food? What are some of your favorites?

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