Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 146

Everyday Ruralty
1. What’s your favorite kind of cheese?

I’m not a big cheese person.

2. Have you ever been in a log cabin?

Yes, if you count those at theme parks, etc.

3. What is your favorite kind of salad dressing?

I love toasted sesame dressing which I discovered a few years ago at a Japanese restaurant. Now I have a bottle of it in my fridge.

4. When was the last time you saw someone from your high school days?

Wow, ages ago. Since I rarely ever visit my home city so naturally I’m not in on the events they organize there from time to time.

5. Tell me what the perfect dinner party would look like for you.

Ideally it would be at my favorite restaurant with a group of maybe 10 people who get along and have a sense of humor.

Hope you have a wonderful week 😀 .

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