Where the day went

Yes, I’m definitely falling behind again. I blame it on having wasted an entire afternoon on a wild goose chase trying to get my cranky oven fixed. I have one of those combination microwave-convection ovens which I never quite understood. that’s been acting up for quite a while now. Since I was in Vancouver for a few months, it got relegated to the backseat.

Well, I finally got around to sending it to an appliance repair shop to have it looked at. As it turned out, the counter guy was incredibly rude and obnoxious refusing to be drawn into any discussion of the problem or the cost of repair. In fact, our conversation consisted of him repeatedly barking “So do you want to repair it or not?!!” to everything I said or asked.

Finally I got so p*ssed off I demanded to have my oven back – unrepaired! I may be wrong but the only reason he’s probably still in business is that people are too docile nice to fight back and take their business elsewhere. As for me, I drove directly to the nearest Panasonic service center which was probably the best decision I ever made.

There I waited a mere 5 minutes for my number to be called. The lady who attended to me was nice and patient as she filled out my form and got a technician to check my oven, explain the problem with me and help me decide if I want to repair the unit.

I didn’t even mind spending an hour in the cool comfort of that amazing service center with those awesome metal seats that cool your back and butt (excuse me, bwahaha!) like nothing else. And the best part was every single one of the staff I interacted with spoke in soft, friendly tones and had a smile on their face. So yeah, their level of customer service definitely exceeded my wildest expectations.

As for my oven, it apparently isn’t worth repairing. I’m not too happy about that but!

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