A jumpstart of sorts

Seems like a while since I managed to crank out two posts in a week. I know. It’s come to this 😳 . The weekends go so fast, and the weather’s been nothing short of ridiculous, and I haven’t been taking many photos of the same old, and I’ve been running errands the length of my arm, and so when Monday rolls around, all I seem to be doing is catching my breath…

Yeah, that’s a lot of and’s. Anyhoo, here’s a quick update of what I’ve been up to.

Early last week, we were invited to the premier screening of How to Train a Dragon 2. How cool that there was a pre-movie dinner buffet, and caramel popcorn and soda served to us just as the movie started. Talk about being thoroughly spoiled 😆 .

The movie, well, it was cute and simple, nothing too complicated that you had to get your grey matter in knots. In stumbling upon a new colony of dragons, Hiccup inadvertently finds himself reunited with his long-lost mother. I would’ve liked certain parts of the movie to be better developed to give it a bit more depth. Still I guess it’s a movie for kids and they would appreciate that the plot is easy to understand.

In other news, I’m thoroughly enjoying the World Cup. Not watching it, yeah, ours is probably the only household where no one watches soccer (or badminton for that matter). But we’re thrilled that while the rest of the world is hung over or glued to the TV, we’ve got the roads, malls and restaurants pretty much to ourselves. Lovin’ it!

With this, I’m gonna kick back for a bit now that the weekend’s here again. Here’s hoping next week will be a better week as far as posts (oh and pictures) go.

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