Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 143

Everyday Ruralty
1. Do you have a vegetable garden this year? Have you in previous years?

No, never. I figure a vegetable garden might be too ambitious for someone like me. But I’d like to maybe start with a modest herb garden some day.

2. What is your computer sitting on right now? Desk, dining room table, lap…?

On my desk.

3. Do you go shorter with your hair in the summer?

Sure. I’ve just had mine snipped a few inches shorter. It had grown way too long over the winter and with the humidity these days, it’s impossible to wear it long.

4. Are you an early top bed person, or a night owl?

I’m in bed by 10:30 tops. When the kids were younger, my bedtime used to be 9:30 to synchronize with theirs.

5. Tell me something funny. I’ll tell you something funny too. 🙂

Last night, one of my kids brought up an incident at Friday’s when a blob of mashed potato went sailing wheeee… clear across the room from literally out of nowhere and landed on someone’s head table to their utter horror. We heard a muted shriek and then some servers came running trying to locate the flying blob. Can you imagine? Muahahaha, it was hilarious! We laughed so hard tears were streaming down our faces and we almost fell off our chairs!!!

Have a great one 😀 .

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