Third time’s the charm

Okay, so we Japanese food freaks decided to go Korean. Well, the moon turned blue, that’s why. Actually no, it’s because our Korean friend is in town and we’ve been anticipating this dinner for a while now. This is only the third time we’ve ever done Korean. Our second experience with Korean food way back in 2008 was hilarious.

We tiptoed into the restaurant, not quite daring to get our expectations up and decided to play it safe by leaving the ordering to our decidedly suave kpop superstar. Until the food started arriving at our table, we had no idea what he had ordered 😆 .

What a huge pot of bulgogi! We eyed it suspiciously and wondered if we would be able to get through even half of it. But as it turned out, we needed a topping up of this amazing sliced beef and glass noodles in a sweetish soup. Who knew?! It was that good!


In fact, it was so-oo good we even ventured to order two bowls of rice (shared among 5 of us) to go with it. And the rice came in these little metal bowls with a cover – too cute!


Of course, no Korean meal is complete without the 101 banchan (side dishes) that populate the table. After tasting them all, I found my favorites in the sigeumchi-namul (spinach), gyeranjjim (steamed egg), myeolchi (anchovies), and a few others.


Okay, here’s my first “real” taste of kimchi. I might’ve tasted it before and probably spat it out so those times don’t count. This time? Umm, no, I still say madeopsuyo 😆 . Guess it’s an acquired taste, but I’m determined to eat one piece each time we go Korean from now on and see if it grows on me.


The star of the show turned out to be samgyeolsal, this unassuming pork belly that tasted like a million bucks. We gobbled this up so fast our kpop superstar wasted no time in ordering more. I’m not even ashamed to admit samgyeolsal is what I dream of several times a day.


Jal muggut seumnida. We definitely ate well and now consider ourselves brand new Korean food converts.