Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 141

Everyday Ruralty
1. What is your favorite berry?

Hands down, blueberry though I pretty much like them all.

2. If you had the choice of a picnic or a sit down dinner, which would you choose?

The sit down dinner, for sure. I haven’t learned how to enjoy a picnic. I’m constantly thinking about how to avoid the sun, and mosquitoes, and heaven forbid if I should get sand in my food 😆 .

3. How is your handwriting? Fancy, plain, legible, doctor-like?

My handwriting is like print.

4. Do you prefer a desk top computer, laptop, or tablet?

I’m a diehard desktop lover. Love my large screen, full-size keyboard and real mouse. My laptop is for travel and I’m probably the only geek in the world who doesn’t own a tablet. I would look ridiculous hauling a ton of gadgets around with me to the mall, seriously.

5. Tell me something interesting, please.

I’ve just learned to sing 2 songs in a fifth language *patting myself on the back here*. Allergies can do strange things to you. I needed some sort of distraction.

Hope y’all have a fab week. Keep smiling 😀 .

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