What’s up?

Man, where have I been? Hate to say it but the answer to that is, well, I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon for a bit there. That much is obvious. I won’t make excuses except to say it’s hard to type while scratching, and sneezing my head off. If you’ve ever had allergies, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

So okay, never mind the excuses, let’s see what the heck have I been up to.

For one thing, when Hip2bSon declared he was going on a gym-shopping expedition, I jumped at it and happily tagged along for some much-needed excitement. We checked out 3 gyms and he ended up picking the one I would’ve picked, the least glitzy one aka the one that felt least like a night club and most like where you could actually work up a decent sweat.

We watched X-Men but only because we didn’t want our free movie tickets to go to waste. I would do a quick review here but the fact that I slept through the entire movie, thunderous sound effects and all, and woke up to find my IQ had dropped 60 points, should tell you something. To be fair, there were a few instances when I did get wake up and thought I was watching Avatar (blue people?), or was it Harry Potter (heavy duty British accents), or Thor (transparent jail cells?)? But apart from that, it was all good meh.

I stopped by my regular coffee place and was thrilled the cute barista, whom I haven’t seen in 4 months, was thrilled to see me and struck up a friendly conversation and kept up our little chat in spite of the line that was forming behind me. What can I say? I’m totally cool with holding up the line 😉 .

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