Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 139

Everyday Ruralty
Hey guys, so excited to be here. Looks like I’ve been a bit of a slacker of late. Blame it on the weather… and the allergies.

1. Do you ever watch You Tube?

Yes, now and then.

2. How are your picture taking (photography) skills?

Could be better. And if only I remember to take pictures in the first place.

3. What’s your “go to” meal to prepare when you’re in a hurry?


4. Do you like shoe shopping?

You kiddin’ me? I love shoe shopping. Used to have hundreds of pairs of shoes (well, okay, maybe not that many).

5. If you could be royalty for a day, would you try it?

Try it? I don’t think I’d even need to try it to know I could get used to it. Chauffeurs, butlers, chefs, secretaries, maids at a snap of the fingers, aaaah! Question is, how DO I get to be royalty? 😆

Hope you’re enjoying the warmer days and if I were you, I’d stay clear of the pollen *ugh*. Nevertheless, have a great week.

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  • Ty

    Love shoes. Ahh if only they were free. If I won the lottery I would but a room full of shoes… and camera lenses.

  • Suzanne McClendon

    There’s no steering clear of pollen around here. Me, David, and the cat keep sneezing our heads off. My red car is perpetually green because of the pollen. It is a really rough time of year.

    It is all the people involved and total lack of privacy that would make me not want to be earthly royalty of any sort. Thankfully, there’s no paparazzi for Heavenly royalty.

    Have a great week!