Lazy day lunch

One of the few places within walking distance from our place is this little sushi place which serves delicious sushi at a reasonable price. They’re always open and it’s so convenient too. We can either eat in or call ahead and they’ll have our order ready for us to drop in and pick up.

On a lazy day, my son pops across the road after his gym workout and picks up our lunch or dinner. This chicken box is a meal we enjoy so much.


The teriyaki chicken over rice is the best. The thick chicken fillet is well marinated and topped with extra teriyaki sauce. It also comes with 6 crab and avocado rolls, 2 salmon sushi, salad and a piece of sweet orange for dessert. At $8.50 for this whole shebang, it’s really worth it.

The more I look at this picture, the hungrier I’m getting 😛 .

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  • Shana

    Oh my!! I have been craving sushi and no where in my town sells it! You are making my mouth water! 😉 Thanks for linking up to the Weekday Mixer!