Can you say cherry blossoms?

Yo, just back from my 48 degree walk (that’s 7, 8 degrees to you Celsius folks), and man, what gorgeous weather outside! It’s cool, cloudy, getting set to rain all day today, according to the weather man, and just so beautiful out.

Sharing with you some pics of my walk today, fresh off my samsung.


Cherry blossoms everywhere, omg! Walking under a pink canopy has got to be the highlight of my day.


Cherry blossom tree-lined streets. What a sight! These pictures don’t even do it justice. I felt like I was in a movie. Haha, celeb me! Hey, where’s my leading man with the six-pack, yo??! 😳


Okay, that’s it for my short post today. Time for a quick lunch before we start shooting the next scene groceries. Hope you guys have a cherry blossom weekend 🙂 .