Wednesday Hodgepodge 169

Hey everyone, I’m late to the party again…

1. Since these questions are posting on the first day of April, it seems only right to ask-when was the last time you did something foolish? If you can’t answer that one, try this one-when was the last time someone fooled you?

I do foolish things, sure, and I laugh at myself too. As for being fooled, that too, mostly by false advertising. You know, like where they show you this drool-worthy picture of a huge, scrumptious meal and I get down there only to be served a pale, dry version half the size of what was on the ad 😆 . Not funny.

2. What’s the last biography or non-fiction book you’ve read? Was it any good?

I’m not a fan of non-fiction.

3. Garlic-friend or foe? What’s your favorite dish made with garlic?

BFF. I use it in practically everything, especially love it in my garlic bread.

4. Several Spring flower festivals happen in the US during the month of April. Of those listed, which would you most like to see in person…The Skagit Tulip Festival in Skagit Washington, The Dogwood Arts Festival in Knoxville Tennessee, The North Carolina Azalea Festival in Wilmington North Carolina or the Daffodil Festival Weekend on Nantucket Island, Massachussets?

Eeny meeny miny mo, I’ll go with the Daffodil Festival.

5. How do you choose which blogs to read? What is something that will make you stop and read every time? Something that makes you say, ‘eh, think I’ll skip this one and move on to the next’?

I like reading blogs with a sarcastic, humorous writing style. The ones I tend to skip are those with more pictures than words, bad grammar/language and too much marketing. Oh, and those with illegible background/font combinations and/or music.

6. April is National Mathematics Education Month so tell us, when did you last use math?

I use math all the time when comparison shopping.

7. In honor of the A-Z challenge kicking off on April 1…choose one word beginning with the letter A to describe your yesterday.


8. Insert your own random thought here.

Did you get pranked yesterday? I didn’t. We used to play lame pranks (yes, lame as in “there’s a spider on your hair”) on each other when the kids were younger. Seems like no one even noticed it was April Fools’ Day yesterday. So sad. Is it too late to prank someone today, you think?

Have a wonderful day 😀 .

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  • mrs4444

    I’m a spec ed teacher who co-teaches with a reg ed teacher, and on Aprils Fools Day, we gave our 6th graders a word search that had none of the “required” words on it. It was hilarious…I laughed so hard I….Well, let’s just say I’ve given birth twice, so you get the idea.