In defense of winter

Well, spring is officially here. It rained the first day of spring, then over the weekend, the sun came out bright and blazing hot. When it’s that sunny, even at 50 degrees, it’s still warm enough to be out sans jacket and with only my trusty umbrella. Now that’s what I call liberating.


Most days are still cloudy, rainy and chilly but I really don’t mind. I’ve been walking all winter and loving the cold. This morning, I’d just left the house when it started raining. I didn’t have my umbrella or a hoodie on so I didn’t get very far. Still the rain and wind on my face made me happy.

As for spring, the signs are definitely hard to miss. These buds seem to have appeared overnight. Just how do the trees know it’s spring and when to spring those buds? my daughter asks.


Spring has always been my favorite season though these days, I might just be leaning a little towards winter as well since I’ve enjoyed this past winter so much. I just find the drippy rain a tad annoying. Otherwise it’s beautiful especially when it snows which it rarely does. We’re lucky we had 3 wondrous days of snow this year.


For all of its bleakness, blur-ness and brr-ness, winter has its charms. Frosty mornings, foggy days, freezing temps. It’s a really nice change from perennial sunny 90-degree weather. It’s actually nice not to see the sun. I don’t miss it at all. I don’t care what anyone else says, I love winter anyways.

I’m intent on savoring the last bit of the cold. If you’re waiting for warmer days, be patient, they’ll be here sooner than you think. Have a great weekend.

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One Comment

  • Marwa Farouq

    I love winter too! I like the feeling of a think jacket and a cold freezing breeze. I like the cuddling in blankets and hot drinks and i definitely love the feeling of warmth when its cold. High 5 to that… to all those that love winter 😀
    thanks for sharing this on The momma mandearing link up
    Marwa @