Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 132

Everyday Ruralty
Hello everyone, looks like I tool a li’l blogging break without meaning to. Whatevs. Important thing is I’m just in time for another chat.

1. What is your favorite room of your house or apartment?

The computer room is and always has been my favorite room.

2. What’s your favorite topping for pancakes or waffles?

I usually eat my pancakes plain with butter and maple syrup. I also like banana slices, strawberry compote and ice cream.

3. Do you like dried fruit?

Um, yeah, especially dried cranberries.

4. Please finish this statement. “As soon as we have good spring weather, I’m going to_______.”

I’m going to go out and snap a ton of photos of flowers in bloom.

5. Tell me a memory from your childhood.

When I was a kid, I loved playing with my grandma’s sewing machine. I was totally fascinated by it. I loved stepping on the pedal as hard as I could and watching the needle go. Except that one day, I was having so much fun pedaling that I didn’t realize where my finger was… and the needle was embedded in it. Not funny. Not funny at all 😆 .

Have a beautiful Tuesday, everyone.

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  • Suzanne McClendon

    We gave the same answer for #4. I am getting very impatient! For the last week, every morning that I have time to go take pictures, it is raining and when it isn’t raining, I don’t have time. OY!

    I loved playing with the treadle sewing machine at my Aunt Mae’s house. I imagine that it once belonged to my great-grandmother. I knew from the get-go that I would be getting a spanking by the end of the day from Mama because I was going to play with that treadle. It was so much fun that the threat of a spanking wasn’t enough to keep me from it. I loved the whirring sound it made. 🙂

    Have a great week!

  • Judy

    I have never been into sewing and after hearing your story I wouldn’t touch a machine. I would probably sew my whole hand not just my finger.