Is it Tuesday already? This whole daylight savings thingy messed me up yesterday. It’s like jet lag, probably not half as bad though as it throws you out by an hour instead of the 15 hours that we typically endure flying to the opposite side of the planet.

Anyhoo, the alarm went off at 6am which was actually 5am which explained why I couldn’t open my eyes and had to drag myself out of bed. It was so cold too. But not for long.

50 degrees and the sun was out with a vengeance yesterday. I walked out to meet up with my kids for lunch at our fish and chips place and it was so so sunny. Dang it. And I forgot my umbrella and sunglasses. Luckily lunch was fabulous so that sorta made up for it, I guess.

Before I left for lunch, I made a huge big pot of curry in my slow cooker. 23 drumsticks. Freakin’ crazy, I know. But I love the idea that it’s going to save me cooking another couple of dinners.


I’m not posting up the recipe to post because I cheated and used a curry mix and anyone can do that, right? At any rate, the weather is warming up quick (*boo*, not that I don’t love spring but) and pretty soon, it’ll be too warm for spicy curries.

So between going out to lunch, cooking and a much-needed afternoon nap, that was my day yesterday. Pretty exciting, huh? 😆

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