The closet snacker comes out

I know I said I’m not a snacker. Well, I lied. Blame it on the cold days and lots of walking working up the appetite like crazy, so I have succumbed somewhat to the healthy habit of snacking. What? When the kids get back from college one by one at odd hours of the day, it’s snack attack!

Crackers and cold cuts is something we discovered quite by accident. Ever since we sampled them at the grocery store, we’ve been hooked. Who knew crackers and cold cuts would make such a scrumptious combo? These are our hot favorite now. Seriously if you’ve never tried beer sausage, you’re missing out.


The girls are experts at making guacamole. They grab 10 avocados on each grocery run and that keeps them happy for a while. Just look at how creamy this is, made from the freshest avocados.


If they had their way, their guac would be nothing by avocado.


Our latest finds are these thins. Chocolate-covered pretzels, chunks ahoy and cranberry almond thins. They are so addictive it’s hard to stop once you start. Good thing they’re only like 100 calories per pack.


As you can see, we’ve been busy. These plus the tons of fruits we hoard these days – blueberries, blackberries, bananas (yeah, I noticed, they all start with ‘B’, what’s up with that, haha!), strawberries, oranges, honey mandarins, apples, you get the picture. Okay, now feel free to share your fav snacks. We’d love to try them.

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